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événement Occur BIL PE II : Road to China par BIL - Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

BIL PE II : Road to China par BIL - Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

BIL PE II is a 10 years investment program:

  • Offering exposures to the Private Equity market in China through a balanced allocation of various investment stages (20% early stage and 80% venture) and of high potential thematic opportunities aligned with China’s 5 years plan (Cutting-edge technology, Healthcare and Media & Telecom).
  • Providing exclusive access to Legend Capital and Legend Star, both top-tier Private Equity firms with proven experience, powerful deal sourcing and in-depth value-add entrepreneurial expertise
  • Targeting double digit net returns by leveraging on the consistent and proven track records of Legend Capital, Legend Star (respectively 20% and 30+%) and BIL PE I (a similar program closed in 2019 that already captured 14% IRR)
  • Allowing investment for as low as 150K$ as compared to 20M$ needed for direct investments within the 3 Legend Capital & Legend Star funds.


Below are illustrative and exciting examples of past investments made by Legend Capital:

BIL PE II : Road to China


Big Hit Entertainment: is a South Korean record label, talent management and music/concert production company. The firm manages, among others, the world most popular boyband BTS. Legend Capital acquired a 6M$ participation in 2015, today valued at 400M$ since Big Hit IPO in 10/2020

ByteDance: is the developer of the video-sharing social networking services and apps TikTok and Douyin (Chinese counterpart). In October 2021, TikTok has reached 1 billion users. According to various experts, ByteDance has hit valuation of $425 billion for new private equity investors and is planning to go public. Legend Capital entered the capital of ByteDance through prior investments in

Innovent: develops, manufactures and commercializes high-quality innovative medicines for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune, metabolic and other major diseases. The company has developed a fully integrated multi-functional platform of 26 valuable assets. On October 31, 2018, Innovent was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


🎙 By Piau Voon Wang, Managing Director of Legend Capital, Florent Saint-Quentin, BIL’s Head of Alternative & Innovative Solutions, and Thierry Morel BIL's Senior Business Development Manager


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